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Natural Vitiligo Treatment System identifies the root cause of vitiligo. This helps in knowing about the right course of treatment to cure the disease naturally. It is a natural remedy that can reverse the Vitiligo conditions that causes the skin disorder. Michael Dawson, the author of this all-powerful guide, Natural Vitiligo Treatment System, is someone who knows what it takes to deal permanently with the disease. Natural Vitiligo Treatment System offers a cheap and innovative solution that is suitable for all individuals. The steps are easy to follow and the natural substances that are prescribed are less expensive than what other conventional treatments for Vitiligo require. In addition, it also improves the body immunity and the general health of a person. The guide contains years of careful research targeted at helping you get rid of the problem in a natural way.

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How does diabetes affect your skin

A small minority of people with diabetes may have skin problems caused by damage to the small blood vessels. When this occurs, it results in reddening and thinning of the skin over the lower shinbones - a condition known as necrobiosis lipoidica. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment. Other skin-related problems that are statistically more likely to occur in people with diabetes include fungal infections, a depigmentation ofthe skin called vitiligo, and loss of hair on the head, known scientifically as alopecia.


Diabetes mellitus type 1 may be sporadic or associated with other autoimmune diseases within patients or within families. The latter has been classified as autoimmune polyglandular syndrome type II (APS-II). APS-II is a polygenic disorder with a female preponderance which typically occurs between the ages of 20 and 40 years (9). In clinical practice, anti-thyroxine peroxidase (TPO) positive hypothyroidism is the most frequent concomitant autoimmune disease in type 1 diabetic patients, therefore all type 1 diabetic patients should annually be screened for the presence of anti-TPO antibodies. Other frequently associated disorders are atrophic gastritis leading to vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia) and vitiligo. Rare disorders in APS-II are presented in Table 2. Vitiligo


In alopecia, immunoreactivity has been observed against differentiating ker-atinocytes in hair follicles (24). Antibodies against tyrosine hydroxylase correlated with the presence of alopecia in patients with APS-1 (25-26), and antibodies against transcription factors SOX9 and SOX10 correlated with the presence of vitiligo in various patients (27). Antibodies against tryptophan hydroxylase of intestinal mucosa correlate with intestinal dysfunction in patients with APS-1 (28).

Clinical Picture

Vitiligo 20 Of combinations of the component diseases, diabetes with thyroid disease was the most common, occurring in 33 . The second, diabetes with adrenal insufficiency, made up 15 , followed by diabetes with vitiligo (10 ), thyroid disease with vitiligo (10 ), and diabetes with adrenal insufficiency (3 ). The combination of diabetes, adrenal insufficiency and thyroid disease, traditionally called the Schmidt or Carpenter syndrome, accounted for only 3 . To screen for the development of diabetes, once-a-year blood glucose testing is probably sufficient for patients with any single autoimmune endocrine disease as well as for patients with vitiligo and alopecia. For patients with two or more autoimmune components, screening for GADab might help in selecting those patients at risk for diabetes. They should be given information about symptoms of the condition and then receive regular follow-up.

The Skin In Diabetes

Other skin conditions encountered in diabetic patients are diabetic erythema, periungual telangiectasia, diabetic thick skin (linked with the formation of advanced glycation end-products), vitiligo (autoimmune destruction of melanocytes, Figure 136), eruptive xanthomata (caused by hypertriglyceridemia in diabetic dyslipidemia, Figures 148 and 149), migratory necrolytic erythema (associated with glucagonoma syndrome, Figure 141) and urticarial reactions to insulin allergy.

Clinical examination

Skin infections (boils, cellulitis, ulcers, fungi) are common. Less common signs include diabetic dermopathy, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum (p. 134), and granuloma annulare. Some patients have vitiligo as a marker of autoimmune disease. A jaundiced patient may have a pancreatic malignancy. Sweating may be reduced in autonomic neuropathy.