Type 2 Diabetes

Polarized light micrograph of glucose, the body's major source of energy. In diabetes, glucose is not properly metabolized and accumulates to dangerously high levels in the blood. A special section in this issue examines the molecular pathogenesis of the most common form of diabetes (type 2), which is projected to soon reach epidemic proportions worldwide. [Image: Eye of Science/Photo Researchers Inc.]

Volume BD7 21 January 2DDS Number S7D8


369 A Surfeit of Suspects


370 Genetic Factors in Type 2 Diabetes: The End of the Beginning?

S. O'Rahilly, I. Barroso, N.J. Wareham 373 How Obesity Causes Diabetes: Not a Tall Tale

M. A. Lazar 375 Diabetes, Obesity, and the Brain

M. W. Schwartz and D. Porte Jr. 380 Type 2 Diabetes—a Matter of p-Cell Life and Death? C. J. Rhodes


311 Science Online 313 This Week in Science 317 Editorial by Derek Yach, Stephen R. Leeder, John Bell, Barry Kistnasamy

Global Chronic Diseases related Type 2 Diabetes section page 369

319 Editors' Choice 324 Contact Science

329 NetWatch

439 New Products

440 Science Careers

News of the Week

330 Planetary Science

Titan, Once a World Apart, Becomes Eerily Familiar

331 Disaster Preparedness

Global Tsunami Warning System Takes Shape 333 Research Policy

Facing a Revolt, Pasteur Board Members Offer to Resign

333 ScienceScope

334 Medicine Low-Power Mitochondria May Raise Risk of Cardiovascular Problems related Type 2 Diabetes section page 369; Report page 418

334 Teaching Evolution Judge Orders Stickers Removed From Georgia Textbooks

335 Paleontology Fossil Count Suggests Biggest Die-Off Wasn't Due to a Smashup

337 Patent Law

Inventor Knocks Japan's System After Settlement

Shuji Nakamura Speaks Out

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384 Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Type Z Diabetes

Related Editorial page 317; News story page 334; Perspective page 366;

Reports pages 418 and 426

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News Focus

338 Oceanography

Grim Forecast for a Fading Fleet

340 Profile: Fred Kavli

A New Benefactor Takes Aim at Basic Scientific Questions

A Physics Home Away From Home

343 Parasitology

Twisted Parasites From "Outer Space" Perplex Biologists

345 Indian Ocean Tsunami

Using Scientific Assessments to Stave Off Epidemics

346 Meeting

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Scurrying Roaches Outwit Without Their Brains With Flippers, Two Can Equal Four More Than One Way to Dig a Tunnel

349 Random Samples


353 Revisiting the Taxonomic Impediment M. R. de Carvaho et aL A Clue to the Origin of the Bilateria? R. M. Rieger et aL Response M. Q. Martindale and J. R. Finnerty

355 Corrections and Clarifications

Books etal.

356 History of Medicine

Locating Medical History The Stories and Their Meanings

F. Huisman and J. H. Warner, Eds., reviewed by X. Bosch

Policy Forum

357 Public Health

Cutting World Hunger in Half

P. A. Sanchez and M. S. Swaminathan

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