361 Medicine

Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases with Antibiotics T. M. Miller and D. W. Cleveland

362 Geoscience

The Boon and Bane of Radiocarbon Dating T. P. Guilderson, P. J. Reimer, T. A. Brown

364 Chemistry

Short and Sharp—Spectroscopy with Frequency Combs T. Udem related Report page 400

365 Ecology

A Leap for Lion Populations E. Ranta and V. Kaitala related Research Article page 390

366 Medicine

Visfatin:A New Adipokine C. Hug and H. F. Lodish related Type 2 Diabetes section page 369; Report page 426

Science Express

Paleontology: Photic Zone Euxinia During the Permian-Triassic Superanoxic Event K. Grice et al.

Organic compounds and sulfur isotopes found at the Permian-Triassic boundary in Australia and China imply that oxygen was depleted in the upper ocean at that time.

Paleontology: Abrupt and Gradual Extinction Among Late Permian Land Vertebrates in the Karoo Basin, South Africa P. D. Ward et al.

Correlation of sections in the Karoo Basin imply a period of enhanced vertebrate extinction before the end-Permian catastrophe, and some replacement by Triassic species.

Medicine: Chronic Lymphocytic Inflammation Specifies the Organ Tropism of Prions

M. Heikenwalder et al.

During chronic inflammation, prions are found in many organs, not just neural and lymphoid tissues, complicating testing regimes for mad cow and related diseases.


389 Geophysics: Nonvolcanic Tremors Deep Beneath the San Andreas Fault R. M. Nadeau and D. Dolenc

Small tremors have recently been occurring 20 to 40 kilometers below the epicenter of the great 1857 earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

Research Article

390 Ecology: Ecological Change, Group Territoriality, and Population Dynamics in Serengeti Lions C. Packer et al.

When resources increase, lion populations do not increase until resources can support substantially more lion offspring, probably because of the lions' grouped social structure. related Perspective page 365


393 Materials Science: Grain Boundary Decohesion by Impurity Segregation in a Nickel-Sulfur System M. Yamaguchi, M. Shiga, H. Kaburaki

Calculations show that sulfur embrittles nickel, and perhaps other metals, when strong nickel-sulfur bonds force crowding of excess sulfur atoms along a grain boundary.

397 Materials Science: Porous Semiconductor Chalcogenide Aerogels

Aerogels, porous networks usually made from insulating oxides, can now be fabricated from metal sulfides, sellenides, and tellurides, making them semiconducting.

400 Chemistry: Deep-Ultraviolet Quantum Interference Metrology with Ultrashort Laser Pulses

S. Witte, R. T. Zinkstok, W. Ubachs, W. Hogervorst, K. S. E. Eikema

Amplification and doubling of an ultrashort laser pulse allows high-precision spectroscopy in the deep ultraviolet, a hard-to-reach region of the spectrum. related Perspective page 364

403 Chemistry: Charging Effects on Bonding and Catalyzed Oxidation of CO on Au8 Clusters on MgO

B. Yoon, H. Häkkinen, U. Landman,A. S. Wörz,J.-M.Antonietti, S.Abbet, K.Judai, U. Heiz

The ability of small gold clusters to oxidize carbon monoxide catalytically is enhanced when the clusters are attached to surfaces with oxygen vacancies, which provide free electrons.

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