2200 2300 2400 2500 2600 2700 2800 2900 Calendar years B.P.

rate radiocarbon year-calendar year calibration curve. This problem is particularly acute prior to the last glacial maximum (about 20,000 years ago). Several data sets from various natural sources have been proposed for calibration use, but no two data sets agree sufficiently to establish a consensus (13).

Scientists attempting to take advantage of the available IntCal98 calibration curve to establish subcentennial resolution chronologies must become more familiar with the calibration curve and its inherent limitations. In many circumstances, radiocarbon dates on a series of carefully chosen samples will allow considerable refinement of the derived calendar ages through constraints imposed by a priori information (such as stratigraphy) or by the pattern of the radiocarbon dates relative to calibration curve variations (an approach that is sometimes referred to as "wiggle-matching"). Even with the implementation of such methods, the establishment of reliable chronologies with centennial or better resolution will require substantial diligence and the devotion of appropriate resources to overcome the inherent limitations in the conversion of radiocarbon dates to calendar ages.

References and Notes

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