Epidemiology And The Prevention Of Type Diabetes

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Intervention Trials

Because of the tremendous burden of type 1 diabetes, the rationale for seeking prevention programs is fairly straightforward. Currently, several large clinical trials have begun to evaluate a variety of primary (i.e., the Trial to Reduce Type 1 Diabetes in the Genetically At-Risk [TRIGR] (118)) and secondary interventions (i.e., the European Nicotinamide Diabetes Intervention Trial [ENDIT] (119), the Diabetes Prevention Trial-1 [DPT-1] (120)) in family members of affected individuals (see Table 3). Eligible relatives are identified by either genetic screening for high-risk HLA-DQ alleles (i.e., TRIGR) or autoantibody screening for P-cell antibodies (i.e., DPT-1, ENDIT). Those who carry disease susceptibility genes or are autoantibody positive are eligible for randomization.

Table 3

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Trials in Progress

Table 3

Type 1 Diabetes Prevention Trials in Progress



Target group


TRIGR (118)

Nutramigen (Mead

First degree relatives, newborns

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