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Preface v

Contributors xi

I. Etiology

1 Epidemiology of Type 1 Diabetes

Janice S. Dorman, Ronald E. LaPorte, and Thomas J. Songer 3

2 Genetics of Type 1 Diabetes

Massimo Pietropaolo and Massimo Trucco 23

3 Prediction and Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes

Aristides K. Maniatis and George S. Eisenbarth 55

4 Molecular Biology of P-Cell Destruction by Autoimmune Processes Ake Lernmark and Choon Hee Chung 71

5 Type 1 Diabetes in Autoimmune Syndromes

Tiinamaija Tuomi and Jaakko Perheentupa 93

6 The Metabolic Basis of Insulin Secretion

Nicolai M. Doliba and Franz M. Matschinsky 115

7 Prevention and Correction of Hypoglycemia: Relevance to Type 1 Diabetes Philip E. Cryer 145

8 Nonautoimmune Forms of Diabetes: Neonatal Diabetes,

DIDMOAD-Wolfram Syndrome, and Related Syndromes Timothy G. Barrett 163

II. Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

9 Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Ram K. Menon and Mark A. Sperling 183

10 Insulin Regimens for Type 1 Diabetes

Baiju R. Shah and Bernard Zinman 199

11 Relationship Between Metabolic Control and Complications in Diabetes: Therapeutic Implications of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial Saul Genuth 215

12 Open- and Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Systems and Glucose Sensors John C. Pickup 233

13 Living with Diabetes: Educating the Patient and Family with Type 1 Diabetes Jean Betschart Roemer and Linda Siminerio 249

14 Nutritional Management in Type 1 Diabetes

Christine A. Beebe 261

III. Special Management Issues in Type 1 Diabetes

15 Special Problems and Management of the Child

Less Than 5 Years of Age Nadia Tubiana-Rufi and Paul Czernichow 279

16 The Preadolescent Child with Type 1 Diabetes William V. Tamborlane, Elizabeth A. Boland, and Margaret Grey 293

17 The Adolescent with Type 1 Diabetes George A. Werther, Fergus J. Cameron, and John M. Court 307

18 Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes

Stephanie A. Amiel and Krystyna Matyka 321

19 Pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetes

Erica M. Sommermann, Erin K. Van Meter, and Lois Jovanovic 345

20 Surgery for the Patient with Type 1 Diabetes

Adrian Vella and Robert A. Rizza 361

IV. Long-Term Complications of Type 1 Diabetes

21 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Diabetic Complications Kenya Sakamoto and Michael Brownlee 375

22 The Eye: Diabetic Retinopathy/Ophthalmopathy

David Kent and Peter A. Campochiaro 393

23 The Kidney: Diabetic Nephropathy

Abhay Vats and Frederick DeRubertis 409

24 Diabetic Peripheral and Autonomic Neuropathy

Eva L. Feldman, Martin J. Stevens, and James W. Russell 437

25 The Diabetic Foot

David L. Steed 463

26 Atherosclerosis in Type 1 Diabetes

Wael Emad Eid, Siripoom McKay, Finnbogi Karlsson, and Alan J. Garber 473

27 Cutaneous Complications of Type 1 Diabetes

Jean L. Bolognia and Irwin M. Braverman 485

28 Infection and Diabetes

Nirmal Joshi 501

29 Pancreas Transplantation

R. Paul Robertson 517

30 Islet Transplantation

Thierry Berney, Norma Sue Kenyon, Rodolfo Alejandro,

Luca Inverardi, Daniel H. Mintz, and Camillo Ricordi 529

31 ß-Cell Replacement Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes

Shimon Efrat 553

32 Islet Growth Factors

Rupangi C. Vasavada, Adolfo Garcia-Ocana, Karen K. Takane, Ana Cebrian, Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera, and Andrew F. Stewart 561

Index 579

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