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Where you go from here depends on your needs. If you want a basic understanding of what T1DM is and isn't, head to Part I. If you or someone you know has a complication due to T1DM, skip to Part II. For help in treating T1DM using every available tool, turn to Part III. If you're thinking of becoming pregnant, are going into menopause, are elderly, or have a parent with T1DM, Part IV is your next stop. Likewise, go there if you want to know what your options are for school, work, and other activities, or if you want to know how to manage travel or illness. For a bird's-eye view of getting kids involved, key treatment strategies, the mythology that surrounds T1DM, and the latest discoveries, check Part V.

In any case, as my mother used to say when she gave me a present, use this book in good health.

Part I

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