Taking action if you suspect discrimination related to diabetes

If you feel that you're suffering from discrimination in the workplace because of your diabetes, you have several options for handling it. Begin by talking to your supervisor. If that doesn't work, you can i Hire an attorney and sue the company. i Ask your union to file a grievance.

i Contact the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at

www.eeoc.gov or call 800-669-4000.


Unfortunately the Bush administration has reduced the staff of the EEOC by 20 percent and a reduced budget in the EEOC has resulted in a huge backlog of cases at present. You may want to turn to one of the other options listed here to get your complaint handled in a timely fashion.

Most employee complaints related to diabetes are surprisingly modest. For example, perhaps the employer won't allow the employee to snack when his glucose is low, give him a place to do a blood glucose test, or provide predictable hours.

Employers win more cases than employees. The employee has to prove that he's disabled for the law to be on his side, and that can be difficult. In past cases, judges have decided that a store manager who couldn't walk because of poor circulation and a security guard who had lost vision in one eye and was losing vision in the other were not disabled.

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