Surveying standard blood glucose meters

More than a dozen companies currently manufacture blood glucose meters. However, in the following sections I discuss the meters of the four major players in the field. Among them, they have every new feature you may want or need. The meters generally have warranties longer than you'll keep the meter. They also have 24/7 backup by calling a toll-free phone number (and you won't be speaking to someone in Zamboanga).

I'm sure that you want to know the name of the meter that I prefer. It's the AccuChek Compact Plus meter. The Compact Plus uses whole blood, not plasma. The features that I like about this meter are the drum with 17 strips wrapped up until they're used, the ability to add blood if there isn't enough on the strip, and the fact that it's very fast and accurate. I also like its data management system, and my patients have been very happy with the help they get from the company when anything goes wrong.

One limitation of this meter is that you have to put the date and time back into the meter each time you change the batteries, which is after about 500 tests. Despite the fact that it's simple to do, many patients forget to do it, and all the results that don't have date and time stamps can't be used by the data management system.

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Diabetes 2

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