Surveying Kidney Pancreas and Pancreatic Islet Transplants

In This Chapter

^ Getting a new kidney and pancreas ^ Receiving new beta cells ^ Recovering from all types of transplants f

■ f there's such a thing as a "cure" for type 1 diabetes (or T1DM), it will be found in the information in this chapter. Three types of transplants are available to adults who have severe long-term complications from T1DM or who suffer from severe hypoglycemia and hypoglycemic unawareness. These surgeries generally are off-limits to children under the age of 18, who typically don't have such complications. The surgeries are as follows:

1 Pancreas transplant: Some folks, if their complications are severe enough, require a whole new pancreas. No matter how hard doctors and researchers try, they can't precisely mirror the function of the pancreas — either through insulin shots or continuous insulin infusion with an insulin pump. Only the pancreas works so well. What an organ!

1 Kidney transplant: If you bought this book too late to use the information to prevent kidney damage, this chapter tells you what you need to know about having a kidney transplantation or, even better, combining it with transplantation of the pancreas.

1 Pancreatic islet transplant: A new way of "curing" type 1 diabetes is transplanting just the cells that make insulin, the beta cells found in the islets of the pancreas (see Chapters 2 and 10 for more about these cells). This technique was first reported in 1974 but had little success until a report in 1990 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which described a new way of preventing rejection of the islets without using steroids.

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