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Most of the latest pumps offer the ability to set temporary doses. Here are a few instances when a temporary change in a dose may be useful:

i Your child's sick and his blood glucose begins to rise. You may want to set his basal rate temporarily higher until he's better (see Chapter 15 for details on handling sick days on a pump).

i Your child's going to bed and his glucose is higher than you'd like. A temporary addition of a few tenths of a unit of insulin may be all he needs for the night, and his glucose can return to its usual rate the next night.

i Your child is going to do a very strenuous exercise on a once- or twice-a-week basis, so a temporary reduction in the bolus rate by as much as half may be necessary on the day of exercise to compensate.

i If you're an adult patient who works nights a few days a week, you may want to have a temporary program to manage the nights you're up late. You can switch back to your usual program when you're sleeping at night again.

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