By 2 years of age, a child weighs four times his birth weight and grows 234 to 3>2 inches per year from age 2 to 5. The preschooler's muscles and nervous system are growing and developing. His vision is improving, but his eye movements limit his ability to follow moving objects. The child's balance is improving, and he's learning all the time. From age 1 to 2, he's running; by 3, he's jumping; and by 5, he can skip.

There's much you can do to encourage daily exercise for your youngster (and keep it safe). Here are a few suggestions:

^ Play simple games like Hide and Seek or Simon Says with him.

^ Supervise the child during play.

^ Make sure he uses safety equipment, like a helmet.

^ Provide balls for him to throw, kick, and catch.

^ Provide a tricycle so that he can start to learn to ride a bike.

^ Provide devices to improve balance and climbing, like playground equipment.

^ Sign him up for classes in tumbling, dancing, or gymnastics. ^ Protect his skin from sun exposure.

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