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The chapters in this part delve into a number of special considerations for the person with T1DM. If he goes to school, his teachers need to know some basic management strategies, such as how to deal with low blood glucose. At work, there are still some jobs for which the person with T1DM isn't welcome. And there are insurance issues that a person with a chronic disease needs to consider.

In addition to these considerations, this part also tells you about how minor illnesses like colds may throw off diabetic control and how to accommodate the special needs of the traveler with T1DM.

Women and the elderly are two special populations when it comes to living with T1DM. In this part, I discuss how women can control their diabetes during menstruation, how a woman with T1DM should be in excellent control of her T1DM prior to conceiving a baby and throughout her pregnancy, and how menopause brings new considerations including whether or not to use hormone replacement therapy. I close this part with a chapter on the elderly population with T1DM and the unique problems that they face in treating their condition.

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