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Treating T1DM requires a lot of effort, as you find out in this part, but I know you and your child can do it. What's involved? For starters, you have to do a great deal of monitoring, which at this time still requires sticking your child's finger four or more times a day. He also has to get certain laboratory tests on a regular basis and go to the doctor for regular checkups.

What your child eats and when he eats is a big part of managing his diabetes. Unlike the person without diabetes, your child needs to arrange his meals and his insulin so that the insulin is in his body when the food is. Then there's exercise, an important part of treatment that lowers the blood glucose because the muscles need sugar to work. As I explain in this part, many patients use exercise in place of insulin and end up taking very few units of insulin.

The subject of insulin requires two chapters in this part. One chapter tells you what insulin is and how to use it properly. The other discusses a new and important device that supplies insulin 24 hours a day, the insulin pump.

Recently, other drugs have become available for treating T1DM. In this part, I make sure that you know about these and the role they can play in controlling your child's blood glucose as well as the effect of drugs that interact with his insulin. I also address other methods of treating diabetes that involve attempts to replace the cells that make insulin and therefore cure the disease.

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