Omni Pod Insulin Management System

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A product of the Insulet Corporation, the OmniPod is unique in that it consists of a wireless two-part design: the OmniPod and the Personal Diabetes Manager. The OmniPod has a disposable insulin reservoir, an angled infusion set, an automated inserter, a pumping mechanism, and power supply. It lasts for three days and is then discarded. The Personal Diabetes Manager is the device that programs the delivery of the insulin, and it has a Freestyle glucose monitor (see Chapter 7) built into it.

Here are some of the features of the OmniPod pump:

i The reservoir holds up to 200 units of insulin i It can be set for 24 rates in 24 hours with seven possible basal patterns. There are also temporary basal rates.

i The basal range is between 0.05 and 30 units per hour.

i The smallest bolus is 0.05 units.

i The Personal Diabetes Manager has a built-in food database with over 1,000 common food items.

i It can store 90 days of downloadable data.

i The OmniPod has an integrated battery, and the Personal Diabetes Manager uses two AAA batteries (making it the heaviest of the pumps covered in this section).

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