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Minerals provide structure in your child's body, and he may need extra amounts of them to ensure that he gets enough. This is true for any child, not just one with T1DM. Here are a few important minerals for both children and adults:

1 Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium: These minerals build bones and teeth. Fortunately, children get enough of them from milk and other dairy products. Adults, especially women, usually need to supplement their calcium intake by taking calcium tablets.

i Iron: This mineral is a major component of hemoglobin in red blood cells. Thanks to Popeye, spinach is considered a good source of iron, as are other leafy green vegetables. Other good sources are meat, beans, and seafood.

As your daughter with T1DM begins to menstruate, she loses iron each time she bleeds. It's important to make sure she gets foods with extra iron.

i Sodium: This mineral helps to regulate body water. It seems like everything has salt in it naturally, and it's pretty difficult to avoid consuming too much, especially if you ever take your child to a fast-food place. Teach your child to enjoy the taste of food without added salt. His blood pressure will benefit. Don't put salt on the table at mealtimes, and don't use it in cooking.

i Chromium: This mineral, which is found in whole grains, bran cereals, and potatoes, is often claimed to be missing in people with diabetes. This claim is one of the myths you're likely to come across when looking on the Internet for treatments for diabetes. Scientific literature still hasn't proven this point.

1 Iodine: This mineral is a critical part of the thyroid hormones. If your child eats any kind of bread, he gets enough iodine because the bread is fortified with iodized salt.

1 Various other minerals, like chlorine, cobalt, tin, and zinc: These minerals are found in many foods. There is very little likelihood that a child will be deficient in any of them, which generally are required in very small amounts.

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