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Johnson & Johnson owns LifeScan, which is one of the older meter companies. The company makes good, reliable meters that compete with one another. You can replace the batteries in LifeScan meters at home, and all the meters are coded with keys on the meter itself. LifeScan meters use One Touch Diabetes Management Software.

i One Touch Ultra 2: This system uses a tiny sample and therefore can work with LifeScan's ultrafine lancets, which are included with the blood glucose meters and can be ordered when needed. The blood is drawn up by capillary action, and the result is displayed in five seconds. This meter allows testing away from the fingers. It has a 500-test memory that allows averaging on the screen and connects to a data port. You can get averages for 7, 14, and 30 days.

i One Touch UltraSmart: This meter is like the One Touch Ultra 2 with the addition of other features, including 60- and 90-day averages. You can enter information about your child's exercise, health, medication, and food. The meter prompts you to comment on out-of-range results. You can view charts and graphs that help to analyze your child's blood glucose on the meter's screen. The meter remembers 3,000 tests.

i One Touch Ultra Mini: This meter is very small and portable, and the company promotes it for travel. It uses a tiny sample of blood and remembers 50 tests, but it doesn't permit downloading results or data management. For this reason, I can't recommend it.

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