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As you would expect with T1DM, it's a little harder and more expensive to obtain life insurance than if you (or your child) had no medical condition, but it is out there. One bright spot is that premiums are coming down as insurance companies realize that people with diabetes can live a lot longer than they used to.

Because you (or your child) have T1DM, you're said to have an impaired risk. Some insurance agents specialize in obtaining insurance for people who have an impaired risk. The best way to find these agents is to just pick up the phone and start calling. Briefly explain your condition, and ask if they can get insurance for you.

One of the best things you can do to make yourself more attractive to life insurance providers is maximize the control of your blood glucose, blood pressure, and blood fats. Insurance companies look favorably on someone who has these elements of T1DM under control and therefore is in better health than someone who doesn't. Turn to Chapter 7 for information and advice on managing blood glucose and other key elements.

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