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Jet injectors use a puff of air under pressure to release a jet stream of insulin that's forced through the skin by the pressure of the air. There's no needle involved. You simply draw up the amount of insulin needed, and you can use the device again and again. Figure 10-4 shows a typical jet injection device.

Jet Injector Insulin

Although jet injection devices avoid the use of a needle, they still cause some bruising. For many patients, they're a satisfactory substitute for a syringe and needle. Jet injectors may be used on children, and parents must decide when the child is mature enough to take on the responsibility of administering his own insulin using the device.

There are several jet injectors to choose from, including:

1 Advanta Jet, which delivers K to 50 units of all types and mixes of insulin

1 Advanta Jet ES, which is useful when the skin is particularly tough

1 Gentle Jet, which is a low-power version of the two Advanta Jet devices above for children

1 Medi-Jector Vision, which delivers all types of insulin from 2 to 50 units in 1-unit increments

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