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Insulin infusers are needles or catheters placed in the tissue under the skin and taped there for two to three days. When insulin needs to be given, the syringe is attached to the infusion set and injected into it by you or your child.

An infuser is useful when your child just hates the idea of three or four needle sticks a day and prefers to have something already under the skin into which you inject the insulin. The downside is that the infusion site sometimes gets infected, in which case you have to remove it and select another site.

An example of this device is the Button Infuser, which has a needle that penetrates the skin once. The insulin is delivered into the button each time it's needed. Another product called Insuflon has a catheter that remains under the skin; syringes and needles pierce a membrane instead of the skin, and insulin is injected through it.

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