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^^eople used to die soon after they were diagnosed * with type 1 diabetes. This rarely happens today because of the isolation and production of insulin since 1921. Instead of dying from the disease, people with type 1 diabetes are subject to short- and long-term complications, all of which are preventable or manageable. This part tells you all about those complications and how to make them minor annoyances rather than major difficulties.

Many of the consequences of type 1 diabetes are physical, but there's also an emotional price paid for a chronic illness. That important topic is also addressed in this part as I explain how to handle the emotional and psychological effects of type 1 diabetes.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

All you need is a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise and you'll be fine. Ever heard those words from your doctor? If that's all heshe recommends then you're missing out an important ingredient for health that he's not telling you. Fact is that you can adhere to the strictest diet, watch everything you eat and get the exercise of amarathon runner and still come down with diabetic complications. Diet, exercise and standard drug treatments simply aren't enough to help keep your diabetes under control.

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