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^ Accepting the news of a type 1 diabetes diagnosis ^ Recognizing that type 1 diabetes affects the whole family ^ Dealing with self-esteem issues ^ Keeping up a high quality of life iscovering that your little girl or little boy has a chronic disease called type 1 diabetes (or T1DM) that you know little about but have heard can cause premature death can be devastating, to say the least. I hope that in the course of reading this book you realize that much of what you've heard is myth. With the tools that are currently available, your child should be able to live a long, quality life, though it's true that he'll spend a lot of time doing things that his friends without diabetes won't have to do. On the other hand, the attention that your child will devote to taking care of himself will probably prolong his life beyond that of someone who isn't careful about eating, drinking, smoking, and exercise.

This chapter is about the emotional consequences of type 1 diabetes. They're not limited to the person with the disease but rather affect every family member. Having to deal with diabetes is a huge burden on a growing child, but the experience of numerous patients in the past shows that this burden is manageable.

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