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^ Attaining tight control of T1DM before conception ^ Getting through pregnancy safely ^ Managing menopause and T1DM

£very pregnant woman wants a healthy baby. Before insulin, girls with diabetes rarely lived long enough to become pregnant, and if they did, their babies usually didn't survive. What a difference a hormone (insulin) makes! Today, it's possible for any woman with T1DM to become pregnant and to deliver a beautiful, healthy baby who will probably never get diabetes. There are a number of places along the pregnancy path where things can go wrong, however. The point of this chapter is to alert you to those places and get you past them with minimal difficulty.

There is one major factor that all pregnant women, diabetic or not, will agree to. They will do anything in their power to ensure the health of their growing baby. This makes excellent diabetes care during the time of pregnancy a lot easier to accomplish. Before getting to the time of pregnancy, I want you to understand what a healthy girl goes through to make her body ready for that miraculous task and what may go wrong if you have T1DM.

After the years when pregnancy is possible, the woman with T1DM has special challenges as she goes through menopause. Should she use hormone replacement therapy? What are the special considerations for the woman with T1DM as she ages so that she can enjoy a high quality of life for many years? I cover all these issues in this chapter.

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