Foolproof Foot Care

One of the sad consequences of T1DM that should never occur is an amputation of the foot. Amputations are preventable, but they occur when relatively minor foot problems, especially ulcers of the foot, aren't caught and managed early. Ultimately, foot ulcers should never develop in the first place.

Your child's doctor should inspect his feet at every examination (see Chapter 7 for more information). Although it's very unlikely that there will be anything wrong with your child's feet in the early years of T1DM, it's good to get the child thinking about his feet and examining them himself from an early age. Here are a few guidelines for home foot care:

1 Keep the skin lubricated if it tends to be dry. 1 Trim toenails carefully.

304 part v:The part of Tens i Visually inspect the feet every day, looking for any small cut or other abrasion.

i Choose footwear carefully, both to prevent blisters and sores and to decrease pressure on any existing foot problems or deformities.

It's essential that the foot doctor is consulted immediately when there's any sign of a new abnormality of the feet. Waiting a few days can make an enormous difference in the outcome.

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