Foolish Assumptions

In writing this book, I assumed that you know little or nothing about diabetes and T1DM in particular. Forgive me if some of the material is too basic for you, but many of the people who read this, especially the children and young adults, will be learning about diabetes for the first time. I want all my readers to have a sturdy foundation upon which to build a skyscraper of knowledge. If you already know a great deal about T1DM, you'll find new information that adds to your knowledge.

You probably fall into one of the following categories:

^ You're the parent of a child who's newly diagnosed with T1DM, or you just want an introduction to all that's new in this field.

^ You're a child or young adult who's old enough to understand basic ideas about your T1DM.

^ You're an adult who's been recently diagnosed with T1DM. (Don't worry; the information in this book applies to you, too!)

^ You're a friend or family member of a person with T1DM, and you want to understand and help the person.

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