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Before you have a transplant, you may want to find out where they're having the best results and a lot more. The place to go is the U.S. Registry of Transplant Recipients at Here you can find national transplant statistics as well as annual reports that address waiting lists, immunosuppressive drugs, survival of the organs, survival of the patients, and a lot more.

Another valuable site for more information on kidney and pancreas transplantation is the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse at diabetes. You should be able to find answers to all your questions at this site. But if not, I recommend heading to one more Web site: the National Kidney Foundation at

The National Kidney Foundation's site has a search box to help you locate information quickly and easily. (When I entered "kidney transplantation," it came back with 2,800 articles on the topic!)

These three sites will keep you busy until you're notified that your kidney and/or pancreas is ready and waiting for you so that you can begin your new life free from injections and free from dialysis.

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