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It's very difficult to know how much carbohydrate your child is eating when all the meals are in restaurants. You can start the trip carrying prepared nutrition bars that tell you how much carbohydrate is in each one, but you have to deal with unknown foods sooner or later.

If you're traveling in the United States, get online and search the Web sites of popular restaurant chains to see which ones exist at your destination. The sites should contain a list of the nutritional values for all the chain's menu items. Record what looks okay for your child and note the carbohydrates so that you can calculate his bolus dose for each meal.

Traveling outside the U.S. or eating in non-chain restaurants is a different matter. You can simplify the problem by sticking to the following menu items (and avoiding the fried foods and rich desserts!):

i Breakfast: Fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, and whole-wheat toast without butter are all good choices. Avoid pancakes or waffles with syrup.

i Lunch: Grilled chicken, tuna, fresh green salad, fresh steamed vegetables, and egg salad without mayonnaise are all good choices. Avoid creamy dressings high in fat.

i Dinner: Turkey, tuna, salmon, whitefish, grilled chicken, fresh green salad, and fresh vegetables are all good choices.

Be careful about portions in restaurants. They're usually too large, even the children's sizes. Educate yourself on proper portion sizes of meat, chicken, pasta, and so forth before you leave home.

Of the various kinds of restaurants, probably the easiest place to find good choices for your child is a seafood restaurant. Just focus on fish dishes and stay away from fried anything (including French fries), tartar sauce, butter, and creamy dressings.

Keep some meal replacement bars handy for the times when you can't get to a restaurant. You also can give them to your child as snacks between meals to smooth out the blood glucose.

Alternately, you can try to stay in places where you have your own kitchen to make meals in, such as an extended-stay hotel or a rental house. Of course, making meals is hardly a vacation for you, but it won't be the first (or last) sacrifice you'll make for your precious offspring.

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