Developing And Sticking to an Exercise Plan

People with T1DM should do two types of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

i Aerobic exercise is moderate exercise done for a long duration; it improves heart and lung function and strengthens your muscles. Aerobic refers to the fact that the body has time during the exercise to combine oxygen with glucose to produce energy.

i Anaerobic exercise is a short burst of exercise during which glucose is used without oxygen. It's much less efficient and is too intense to be sustained. Anaerobic exercise increases muscle strength and stamina. Whereas running is aerobic exercise, sprinting is anaerobic exercise. Lifting 10 pounds repeatedly is aerobic exercise, and lifting 125 pounds once is anaerobic exercise.


In the following sections, I explain how to incorporate both of these types of exercise into your child's (or your own) program; I start with aerobic activity and finish with a great method for anaerobic exercise: weight training.

You probably wonder how long you can go without exercise before you begin to lose all the conditioning you've accomplished. The answer is only two to three weeks. That's a good reason to continue to do something every day.

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