Delving into Diabetes Caused by Other Diseases and Agents

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A number of important hormones help to raise the body's blood glucose when it's too low, whether due to too much insulin, too little food, or too much exercise. Because these hormones can raise the blood glucose when they're present in normal amounts, they also can raise the blood glucose excessively when they're present in abnormally high amounts, like when there's a tumor in the gland that makes the hormones. If the body's blood glucose rises over the levels of 100 mg/dl fasting or 200 mg/dl after eating, diabetes occurs.

Some diseases cause diabetes by destroying pancreatic tissue (the pancreas plays an important role in the development of diabetes because it produces insulin). Drugs also can raise the blood glucose to diabetic levels. In some such cases, the diabetes goes away when the drug is stopped (if stopping the drug is an option).

The following sections focus on the most important and common of these diseases and agents that cause diabetes. It's important point to recognize these diseases and agents and either treat or eliminate them. The diabetes will go away if treatment or elimination can be done successfully, which isn't always possible.

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