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The minimum frequency to test your child is before each meal and at bedtime. You can test his glucose more frequently depending upon the situation. The minimum testing frequency must be met because you're constantly using this information to make adjustments in his insulin dose. No matter how good you think his control is, he can't feel the level of the blood glucose without testing unless he's hypoglycemic (see Chapter 4). And even then, he knows the glucose is low but doesn't know just how low it is.

On numerous occasions, I've asked my patients to guess their blood glucose and then test it. Their guesses are close to the actual number less than 50 percent of the time. That degree of accuracy isn't good enough for good glucose control!

You should occasionally test your child one hour after a meal and in the middle of the night to see just how high his glucose goes after eating and whether it drops too low in the middle of the night. These results guide you and his doctor to make the changes your child needs. Just be sure not to make more than one change at a time and to give it a couple of weeks to make a difference.

Blood glucose test results can be useful many other times of day, such as during intense exercise, during illness, and after eating food with unknown amounts of carbohydrate.

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Confident Kids

Confident Kids

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