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Three of the basic tools of good diabetes care become even more important when your child with T1DM is sick or traveling: frequent monitoring of the blood glucose, careful food choices, and timely medication. During sickness, blood glucose levels tend to be higher than expected and you can't know that unless you measure it. Food may be limited to a few items that your child can tolerate, and he may need surprisingly more insulin than you expect, especially because he's eating little.

Discuss how to handle illness with your child's doctor before it happens. Make a sick-day plan and find out the doctor's rules for contacting him in case of illness.

Children whose diabetes is under good control (that is, hemoglobin A1c is less than 8 percent; see Chapter 7 for details) don't develop illnesses any more frequently than children without diabetes. In any case, preventing illness is much better than treating it. One major preventive measure is making sure that your child gets a flu shot every year. This section covers other ways to prevent and deal with illness in your child with T1DM.

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