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This system consists of the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump and the CoZmonitor Blood Glucose Monitor, which attaches to the pump in the back and communicates with the pump via infrared technology to display the result on the pump screen. Some of this pump's features include:

1 The smallest bolus is 0.05 units. i It alerts you of a missed bolus before a meal. 1 It holds 300 units of insulin. i It alert you to test blood glucose.

1 It has a site change alert to notify you to change the infusion set.

1 It comes with CoZmanager PC Communications Software, which allows you to connect the pump with your computer and either print or e-mail the pump program as well as view the history of pump programs.

1 It uses a proprietary 3.6 V battery.

1 It's waterproof.

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