Avoiding side effects no matter the method

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There are a few side effects that can be minimized or avoided when injecting insulin. Following are the common side effects and suggested ways of avoiding them, if possible:

1 Blocked needles usually result from injecting insulin too slowly. Inject faster.

1 Bruises are due to puncturing a small blood vessel. The blood is reabsorbed rapidly and causes no lasting discoloration.

1 Insulin leakage is frequent. A drop or two found on the skin when the needle is withdrawn represents less than a unit of insulin. One trick is to pull out the needle halfway, wait, and then pull it out the rest of the way.

1 Lipohypertrophies or fatty lumps occur when you inject in the same site each time. Rotate the sites to avoid this, and remember that the insulin is absorbed more slowly through these lumps.

1 Lipoatrophy is an indentation under the skin that's probably the result of an immunological reaction to the insulin. Inject insulin along the edge of the cavity to cause fat to be laid down.

1 Pain is caused by hitting a nerve. You may want to withdraw the needle completely and insert it elsewhere.

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