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Puberty is a time of peak growth similar to the first year of life. The adolescent gains the last fifth of his height and 50 percent of his adult weight. Strength greatly increases, especially if he does strength-training exercises. Girls have their pubertal growth spurt earlier than boys, but boys experience a longer growth period and are taller on average at the end of growth. The percentage of body fat in boys remains about the same but significantly increases in girls, sometimes leading to the eating disorders described in Chapter 8.

Adolescents are much more able to think logically. They're more aware of the future and the consequences of their behavior, so they can understand the importance of physical activity to a much greater degree.

This is a time of continued promotion of exercise not just by parents but by many others in the adolescent's environment.

i If the child is willing, you should continue to exercise with him, especially if you can make it fun and even competitive. For example, this may be the time when your child beats you in tennis for the first time, an important milestone.

i School physical exercise programs should be available to every student, not just the ones who want to participate in after-school competitive sports.

i Physical activities that include socialization, like dancing, encourage your child to want to participate.

i Vacations with lots of physical activity such as biking or walking continue the active tradition.

i It may be more difficult to limit your child's sedentary activities, but you must give it all you've got. After all, it's what's best for your child.

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If you want to see how your child stacks up against many others, have him perform the President's Challenge Physical Fitness Test, which you can find online at details/physical_fitness/events.aspx. For the test, your child performs five exercises, and you compare his results with the results accomplished by a large school population (last measured, unfortunately, in 1985). Your child receives a Presidential Physical Fitness Award if he scores in the 85th percentile compared to the national standard. Perform the test every six months to best track your child's physical fitness progress.

As your child gets older and takes more control over his physical activity, he may develop some behaviors that complicate his T1DM. Minimize the risk of dangerous behavior by i Discussing the negative effects of substance abuse on the child's physical state as well as his diabetes i Discouraging the use of performance-enhancing drugs

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