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If your child has another illness in addition to T1DM, there are special adjustments that you have to make. He may not feel like eating, and you may think that he needs less insulin as a result. The truth is usually the opposite. Your child's body responds to an acute illness by pouring out hormones that promote the production of more glucose, so his blood glucose rises. He may actually need more insulin during an illness when he can't eat than he'd need when he's healthy. Chapter 15 provides the information you need to manage your child's illness when he also has T1DM.

Another special circumstance that affects diabetes care is travel. When traveling, you and your child may go through different time zones. This complicates taking insulin because each type of insulin has a certain duration of action, and you may lose or gain hours as you travel. In Chapter 15, I share suggestions for handling your child's insulin smoothly and traveling with his supplies safely.

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