Accu Chek Spirit Insulin Pump System

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The Accu-Check Spirit insulin pump is made by Diesetronic, which is owned by Roche Diagnostics. Here's a rundown of this pump's the specific features and requirements:

1 The reservoir holds 315 units of insulin.

1 You can set up to 24 basal hourly rates in five different patterns. You also can set temporary rates.

1 The basal rates range from 0.1 to 25 units per hour.

1 The smallest bolus dose is 0.1 units.

1 It can recall the last 30 boluses, daily insulin totals, and temporary rate increases and decreases.

1 Multiple alarms indicate malfunctions of the pump.

1 You can download information about daily insulin totals, boluses, and alarms to a computer.

1 It requires one AA battery.

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