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Abbott Laboratories has one of the longest warranties in the industry at four years, but you'll probably replace your child's meter long before that anyway. The batteries are built in, so after 4,000 tests or about three years you need to send the meter back for new batteries. The manufacturer is likely to give you a new meter at that point.

^ Freestyle Flash: Abbott considers this the smallest meter available in the industry. It requires very little blood and allows the addition of blood within 60 seconds if necessary. You can get a 14-day average of readings on the meter, and the Freestyle Flash works with diabetes management software (DMS) called the Precision Link Direct Diabetes Data Management System through a data port and has a result memory of 250 tests. It allows alternate site testing, away from the fingers, and it has programmable alarms to prompt you to test. Coding for the test strips is done with the keys on the meter.

^ Freestyle Freedom: This meter is basically identical to the Freestyle Flash, but the display screen is much larger for people with vision trouble.

^ Freestyle Lite: This meter uses different tests strips from the other two Freestyle meters that don't require coding the meter each time a new bottle of strips is used. It has a memory for 400 tests. Otherwise, its features are like the other Freestyle meters.

^ Precision Xtra: This meter requires a code key with each new bottle of test strips to code the meter. It remembers 450 tests. It's also able to test for ketones in the blood with the appropriate test strips. The Precision Xtra can test at multiple sites, has a rapid test time, and doesn't start the test until enough blood is on the strip.

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