A few notes on inhaler maintenance and usage

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Instructions for maintaining an inhaled insulin inhaler come with it. Because the insulin is in the form of a dry powder, it's extremely important that the inhaler is dry when you take your insulin. Otherwise, the powder will stick to the moisture and you won't get the proper dose.

Inside the inhaler is the Release Unit, which is what punctures the blister. You must change the unit every two weeks. The refill kits come with a month's supply of blisters and two release units. The month's supply is divided among 1- and 3-mg blisters in two ways, depending upon how much of each type you use: You get either a package with 90 blisters of each type or a package with 180 1-mg blisters and 90 3-mg blisters.

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about inhaled insulin:

I If you don't eat a meal, you don't have to take the insulin.

I If you forget to take the insulin before the meal, take it immediately after the meal but don't wait any later.

I Don't put any part of the inhaler in a dishwasher.

I You can use the insulin if you have a cold.

I You need to replace the entire inhaler once a year.

I Keep the insulin blisters at room temperature. If they find their way into the refrigerator, discard them.

I Keep used blisters away from children and pets because they still contain some insulin.

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