Are Insulin Pumps Risky for Teens

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Scientists from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have found that insulin pumps may pose risks for adolescents. Their review discovered thirteen deaths and more than fifteen hundred injuries related to the pumps over a decade. Sometimes the pump did not work correctly, but teens also took risks with their pumps or were careless, dropping their pumps or not taking proper care of them. Two teens may have tried to commit suicide by giving themselves too much insulin through their pumps.

Teens like the pumps, which are worn on the body and send insulin into the body through a tube inserted under the skin, because they eliminate the need to inject insulin manually several times a day. However, teens using the pumps must still frequently monitor their blood sugar and adjust their insulin intake through the pump. Doctors are advised to carefully screen their diabetic teen patients to make sure they are able to use and care for their insulin pumps correctly.

Because diabetic teens can be prone to misusing or being careless with insulin pumps, doctors are careful to screen their young patients to ensure they can manage a pump responsibly before prescribing it for use.

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