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Dryness and Other Common Skin Problems

Dry skin can be caused by dehydration, which occurs in poorly controlled diabetes. Remember that excessive urination and thirst are symptoms of diabetes. For dry, itchy skin, try Alpha Keri bath oil. A capful in bath water softens and lubricates your skin. But be careful -- bath oil makes your tub slippery. Use a lanolin base cream to hold moisture in your skin. Keri-Lotion, Nivea Cream, and Eucerine cream all contain lanolin and moisturize the skin well. Udder cream has no added perfume. It is inexpensive and easy to apply.

How does diabetes affect your skin

Your skin is your body's first line of defence against invasion by germs and the development of infections. Unfortunately, people with diabetes are at increased risk A small minority of people with diabetes may have skin problems caused by damage to the small blood vessels. When this occurs, it results in reddening and thinning of the skin over the lower shinbones - a condition known as necrobiosis lipoidica. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment. Other skin-related problems that are statistically more likely to occur in people with diabetes include fungal infections, a depigmentation ofthe skin called vitiligo, and loss of hair on the head, known scientifically as alopecia.

Skin Care 6 Year

Interdigital Tinea Pedis

A 44-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes of 6 years' duration developed itchy vesicles on the border of her foot associated with dry skin, desquamation and pruritus (Fig. 2.11 ). We prescribed Whitfield's ointment which she Fissures can occur in dry skin, when the treatment is an emollient, such as E45 cream, olive oil or coco butter, or in wet skin, where an astringent or antiperspirant such as aluminium chloride is helpful.

Ulcerations Of The Lower Extremities

Clues to the diagnosis are found in the surrounding skin and include pallor, dry skin (xerosis), brittle nails, a decrease in the density of hair, and a shiny appearance to the skin (18). An examination for pallor with elevation and hyperemia with dependency can be performed, but an actual assessment of blood flow is essential. Following palpation of peripheral pulses, the ankle brachial pressure index can be measured by Doppler, both at rest and following exercise. Radiographic studies are then performed to confirm the presence of surgically correctable disease. Therapeutic interventions include cessation of smoking, angioplasty, endarterectomy, and revascularization via bypass surgery.

Convex Triangular Foot Hallux Valgus And Quintus Varus

Over Riding Fifth Toe

The diabetes had been adequately controlled but the patient was already exhibiting signs of diabetic complications, such as background retinopathy and neuropathy. On examination, she had a right convex triangular foot, with an ulcer under the head of the fifth metatarsal head following callus formation at this site (Figure 3.15). She had symptomatic diabetic neuropathy, exemplified by a burning sensation in the feet, which was especially exacerbated at night peripheral pulses were palpable and the ankle brachial index was 1.0 bilaterally. Small muscle atrophy of the feet was noted, as well as dry skin and loss of feeling of a 5.07 monofilament vibration perception threshold was 30 V.

Clinical Examination And Screening Techniques To Identify The Patient At Risk Of Foot Ulceration

Foot Ulcer Debridement

Apligraf is considered a composite graft, containing both epidermal and dermal components. The outer layer consists of allogenic human keratinocytes constructed with an inner dermal layer consisting of human fibroblasts on type 1 collagen dispersed in a protein matrix. Apligraf histologically resembles human skin, but it does not contain structures, such as blood vessels, hair follicles, or sweat glands. Interestingly, Apligraf acts like human skin, producing all the cytokines and growth factors produced by normal skin during the wound healing process (101). In diabetic foot ulcers, Apligraf was shown to significantly increase the wound healing rate as well as decreasing the median time to complete wound closure (102,103). Ulcer recurrence rate was similar in both Apligraf-treated ulcers and standard treatment groups (103).

Some Uncommon Conditions

Diabetic Angiopathy Images Legs

Dry skin on the heel was also present. Figure 4.6 Hyperkeratotic eczema. Hyperkeratotic lesion with dense yellowish scales over a red skin patch. The scales are firmly adhered to the epidermis and not easily debrided with a blade. Dry skin on the heel Figure 4.6 Hyperkeratotic eczema. Hyperkeratotic lesion with dense yellowish scales over a red skin patch. The scales are firmly adhered to the epidermis and not easily debrided with a blade. Dry skin on the heel

Diffuse Osteopenia In The Foot

Third Toe Ulcers Photos

A non-infected neuropathic ulcer was noted under her left third, fourth and fifth metatarsal heads. Its dimensions were 3.5 x 4 x 0.4 cm, and it was surrounded by callus. A smaller neuropathic ulcer was also observed under her midsole (Figure 5.10). Claw toe deformity of her lesser toes, dry skin and desquamation of the tip of her third toe were also present. Under her toes and dry skin are also apparent

Using The Syncrometer

Cut paper strips about 1 inch wide from a piece of white, unfragranced, paper towel. Dampen a paper strip on the towel and wind it around the copper pipe handhold to completely cover it. The wetness improves conductivity and the paper towel keeps the metal off your skin. Dampen your other hand by making a fist and dunking your knuckles into the wet paper towel in the saucer. You will be using the area on top of the first knuckle of the middle finger or forefinger to learn the technique. Become proficient with both. Immediately after dunking your knuckles dry them on a paper towel folded in quarters and placed beside the saucer. The degree of dampness of your skin affects the resistance in the circuit and is a very important variable that you must learn to keep constant. Make your probe as soon as your knuckles have been dried (within two seconds) since they begin to air dry further immediately.

Foot Problems in Diabetes

Sympathetic dysfunction affecting the lower limbs leads to reduced sweating and results in dry skin that is prone to crack and fissure. It also increases blood flow (in the absence of large vessel PVD) with arteriovenous shunting leading to the warm foot. The insensitive foot is therefore often warm resulting in a false sense of security, as the patient perceives that because the circulation is intact, the risk is minimal.

Feckless patient with endstage renal failure

Stub Toe Nail

Causes of trauma included blisters from ill-fitting shoes, picking at dry skin, pulling off pieces of nail and being 'trodden on by a baby'. In the last episode she stubbed her toe while walking barefoot, did not report the injury and presented late to the renal unit with spreading cellulitis, wet necrosis and

Apart from surgical debridement are there other ways of debriding an ulcer

The enzymatic and chemical debridement methods are available. In the first case, autolytic, proteolytic enzymes (papain, collagenase and streptokinase) are applied on the ulcer surface daily. This type the debridement is recommended when there is extensive necrosis or when surgical debridement is not possible due to pain. Disadvantages of enzymatic debridement are its high cost and the irritation it can cause when applied on healthy skin. Use of sterile maggots (larvae) is included in the enzymatic debridement as well. Maggotts are the larvae of the green fly (gender Lucilia sericata). The larvae are received and developed in a special sterile environment. When they are applied on ulcers with necroses or infection, they have the attribute to 'only eat' the abnormal tissue while leaving the healthy tissue intact, thus cleansing the surface of the ulceration. This treatment is painless, safe, relatively cheap and effective.

The Basics of Cartilage

Your skin, organs, and glands virtually your entire physical being consist of a biological matrix woven with threads of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Cartilage is one of the principal soft structural materials of the body. Your nose, ears, tendons, and ligaments are made of it.

Nutrients That Can Help

Vitamin C also can reduce the damaging effects of UV radiation. A study by Steven S. Traikovich, D.O., of Phoenix, Arizona, found that a vitamin C-containing lotion was able to reduce fine wrinkles, roughness, and skin tone compared to a similar lotion without the vitamin. Vitamin C is essential for the body's production of collagen and elastin, two of the key proteins forming skin. In addition, several studies have found that beta-carotene supplements enhance the protective effects of sunscreen, illustrating the benefits of an inside-out approach to skin care.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

When symptoms are present, they alter metabolism. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism affect diabetic control, and it's important to diagnose them by doing thyroid blood tests. Treatment for hypothyroidism is replacement of thyroid hormone. Treatment of hyperthyroidism is with antithyroid drugs, radioactive iodine, or surgery. The symptoms of the more common hypothy-roidism are weight gain, slowness, dry skin, brittle nails, tiredness, and intolerance to cold. With hyperthyroidism, you get weight loss, palpitations, high body temperature, nervousness, and trouble sleeping.

Recipes for Natural Body Products

Even if you have dry skin, difficult hair or some other unique requirement, just pure borax will satisfy these needs. A part of every skin problem is due to the toxic elements found in the soaps themselves. For instance aluminum is commonly added as a skin moisturizer . It does this by impregnating the skin and attracting water, giving the illusion of moist skin. In fact you simply have moist aluminum stuck in your skin which your immune system must remove. While borax won't directly heal your skin or complexion, it does replace the agents that are causing damage, so that healing can occur.

Sources of Anti Inflammatory Products

Abkit manufactures the CamoCare line of skin-care products with cham-omile and AlphaBetic, a once-a-day supplement for people with diabetes. Many of these products are available at health food stores, natural foods groceries, and pharmacies. For more information call 800-226-6227 or go to www.abkit.com.

Symptoms of ketoacidosis

In this age of self-monitoring for blood glucose levels, ketoacidosis is becoming more rare, but it still occurs. (See Chapter 7 for more on self-monitoring.) If you use a source of insulin that can be interrupted, you could unexpectedly develop ketoacidosis. For example, if you rely on an insulin pump, which pushes insulin under your skin automatically (as I describe in Chapter 10), the pump could stop for some reason then your insulin delivery would cease, your glucose level would rise, and ketoacidosis would develop if you don't notice the interruption soon enough. Excessive levels of ketones in your blood and urine Dry skin and tongue, indicating dehydration Deficiency of potassium in your body An acetone smell on your breath

Better Laundry Habits

Bleach can kill a lot, but doesn't kill Giardia spores and a lot of types of fungus. Don't rely on bleaching. Besides, your skin absorbs it from clothing, it is quite toxic to you, and can cause mental effects. Commercial detergents are polluted with PCBs and have cobalt added. Both of these are easily picked up through your skin. Use washing soda and borax in the wash cycle. They do not clean quite as well as modern detergents, but there is less static cling, eliminating the need to put more chemicals in your dryer. For spot removal use homemade bar soap.

The Foot Doctor Your Dance Instructor

The doctor can tell you which preparations you should not use on your skin. He or she can show you how important it is that you give lesions time to heal and not to rush to put weight on your injured feet. Many podiatrists also give you a list of dos and don'ts for the proper care of your feet, such as conducting daily inspections, avoiding extreme heat, and so on. Chapter 5 details all the things you need to do to preserve good foot health.

What Are Skin Disorders

Your skin is your body's largest and most direct interface to the world around you. As such, it is exposed to a wide variety of insults, including air pollution, chemicals, sunlight, bacteria, and viruses. Under these circumstances, a vast number of conditions can cause transitory or chronic inflammatory skin disorders. Only a few examples of inflammatory skin disorders will be described here as proof that anti-inflammatory nutrients can be beneficial. Among these disorders are contact dermatitis, sunburn, psoriasis, and eczema.

How and where do I inject myself

You inject insulin under your skin rather than into a vein or muscle. Recent research has suggested that many people may have been getting the depth wrong so that insulin is going into the muscle beneath the skin by mistake. Judging the depth accurately can be a problem, especially if you are slim, but it is important to master the technique because insulin can be absorbed from muscle more rapidly than expected. Your diabetes care team will show you how to do it properly, but many people find that the simplest way is to pinch the skin and inject the bunched up area at an angle of 90 degrees. Don't pinch too hard, however, or it will hurt when the needle goes in For people who may be having difficulty with inadvertent muscular injection, there are different lengths of needle available and this problem should be discussed with your diabetes care team.

Necrosis and renal impairment

Fig. 6.9 A small split in dry skin on the border of the foot of a patient in end-stage renal failure treated with haemodialysis is becoming necrotic. Fig. 6.9 A small split in dry skin on the border of the foot of a patient in end-stage renal failure treated with haemodialysis is becoming necrotic. Necrosis can occur in diabetic renal patients with palpable pulses in the absence of severe peripheral arterial disease and in the absence of infection. An apparently small and trivial trauma such as a small split in dry skin (Fig. 6.9) or a tight nail sulcus will frequently lead to necrosis which then spreads (Fig. 6.10). Necrotic lesions often become rapidly infected in diabetic patients with renal failure.

The pros and cons of a kidney transplant

It's important to continue to monitor your kidney function after the transplant to make sure that your body isn't rejecting the kidney. The best test for this is the creatinine. If it starts to rise, you have to temporarily increase the dosage of your immunosuppressive drugs. (See the later section Following up and treating your diabetes for more information.) Post-transplant, your doctor also continues to monitor your bones for osteoporosis and your skin for skin cancers that are more common after a kidney transplant. He or she does this with blood tests and observation of your skin.


Subcutaneous Foot Mass

On examination, the patient had fever, severe diabetic neuropathy, and bounding pedal pulses. He had hallux valgus, claw toes, prominent metatarsal heads, ony-chodystrophy and dry skin. Callus formation superimposed on a neuropathic ulcer over his third metatarsal head was present a callus was also noted over his fifth metatarsal head. A superficial, painless, Figure 8.21 Superficial infected ulcer with purulent discharge under Lisfranc's joint. Callus formation is superimposed on neuropathic ulcer over the third meta-tarsal head with callus formation over the fifth metatarsal head. Hallux valgus, claw toes, prominent metatarsal heads, ony-chodystrophy and dry skin can be seen Figure 8.21 Superficial infected ulcer with purulent discharge under Lisfranc's joint. Callus formation is superimposed on neuropathic ulcer over the third meta-tarsal head with callus formation over the fifth metatarsal head. Hallux valgus, claw toes, prominent metatarsal heads, ony-chodystrophy and dry skin...

Gustatory Sweating

The symptom can be troublesome and embarrassing. Occasionally it affects food intake to the degree that it could make glycemic control difficult. As sweating is controlled by sympathetic cholinergic pathways, treatment has traditionally involved oral anticholinergic drugs, but the acceptability of these to patients is low because of systemic side effects. Topical antimuscarinic agents, such as glycopyrrolate, have been demonstrated to be effective in controlling gustatory sweating caused by parotid surgery and in diabetic gustatory sweating (79,80). Gustatory sweating and flushing within and surrounding the cutaneous distribution of the auriculotemporal nerve (Frey's syndrome), can develop after surgery or trauma to parotid gland. Surgery as resection of the glos-sopharyngeal nerve (which supplies the otic ganglion and hence the auriculotemporal and buccal nerves with parasympathetic fibers) abolishes the syndrome (81,82). A better approach is the injection of botulinum toxin into the...

Callus On Tip Of

Fifth Ray Amputation

A 66-year-old female patient, with type 2 diabetes which was diagnosed at the age of 51 years was referred to the diabetic foot clinic for chiropody treatment. On physical examination she had severe peripheral neuropathy, and bounding pedal pulses. Superficial vein dilatation on the dorsal foot, dry skin as a result of neuropathy and hyperkeratosis over the fifth metatarsal head were noted. Painless hyper-keratosis was seen over the dorsal aspect of the left little toe, caused by inappropriate footwear. After callus removal a purulent discharge was noticed (Figure 8.2). A coagulase-negative Staphylococcus aureus was isolated from the pus. A plain radiograph was negative for bone involvement. No antibiotic was given since the pus had drained completely. The ulcer healed within 2 weeks after local treatment. Figure 8.2 Superficial vein dilatation can be seen on the dorsal foot along with dry skin and hyperkeratosis over the fifth metatarsal head. There was painless hyperkeratosis over...

Borax Liquid Soap

Keep a dispenser by the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower. It does not contain aluminum as regular detergents and soaps do, and which probably contribute to Alzheimer's disease. It does not contain PCBs as many commercial and health food varieties do. It does not contain cobalt (the blue or green granules) which causes heart disease and draws cancer parasites to the skin. Commercial detergents and non-soaps are simply not safe. Switch to homemade bar soap and borax for all your tasks Borax inhibits the bacterial enzyme urease and is therefore antibacterial. It may even clear your skin of blemishes and stop your scalp from itching.

Pes Cavus

Shoes For Pes Cavus

On examination, peripheral pulses were bounding. she had severe peripheral neuropathy (no sensation of pain, light touch, temperature, vibration or 5.07 monofilaments) and dry skin. A high plantar arch due to pes cavus was noted, which was more apparent in the standing position. Mild hallux valgus, clawing of the toes, and callus formation over the inner aspect of the first metatarsal heads as well as at the tip of the second toe and the second metatarsal head bilaterally were observed (Figure 3.4). The patient had the callus removed, and the nails cut and she was educated in foot care. suitable shoes and insoles were prescribed and she was advised to attend the foot clinic on a monthly basis for chiropody treatment.


2nd Toe Sloughy Ulcer

On examination, she had findings of severe neuropathy (no feeling of light touch, pain, temperature, vibration or a 5.08 monofilament Achilles tendon reflexes were absent the vibration perception threshold was 50 V in both feet). Peripheral pulses were weak and the ankle brachial index was 0.7. Dry skin and nail dystrophies were present. A superficial ulcer with a sloughy base was seen on the dorsum of

Diabetic Neuropathy

Patient symptoms can be varied, and include burning dysesthesias and occasional interruption of all stimuli (allodynia), decreased sweating, impaired vasodilation, dry skin, cold extremities, and defective thermal sensation. Patients have normal reflexes and motor strength and significantly reduced sensitivity to the 1 g monofilament and vibratory sensation with the 128-Hz tuning fork.


Begin your prevention program by raising the immunity of your skin this means removing all toxins from the skin. Use only natural lotions, softeners, cleansers on your skin made from recipes in this book. Health food brands are not superior. This will get rid of nickel, chromate, titanium, zirconium, aluminum, and benzalkonium from your skin and probably your whole body Do laundry with borax and washing soda, only, to eliminate commercial detergent as a source, too.

Dan Ziegler

Mononeuropathy of the trunk (thoracoabdominal neuropathy or radiculopathy) presents with an abrupt onset, with pain or dysesthesias being the heralding feature sometimes accompanied by cutaneous sensory impairment or hyperesthesia. Pain has been described as deep, aching, or boring, but also the descriptors of jabbing, burning, sensitive skin, or tearing have been used. The neuropathy is almost always unilateral or predominantly so. As a result, the pain felt in the chest or the abdomen may be confused with pain of pulmonary, cardiac, or gastrointestinal origin. Sometimes it may have a radicular or girdling quality, half encircling the trunk in a root-like distribution. Pain may be felt in one or several dermatomal distributions, and, almost universally, it is worst at night. Rarely, abdominal muscle herniation may occur predominantly in middle-aged men, involving three to five adjacent nerve roots between T6 and T12 (24). The time from first symptom to the peak of the pain syndrome...


In Germany, which makes extensive use of pharmaceutical-grade herbs, chamomile is regarded as the first choice for treating mild skin problems, such as rashes, in infants. A human study of nine healthy women found that topically applied chamomile was absorbed deeply into the skin. Not surprisingly, then, many cosmetics (such as the Camo-Care brand) use chamomile.

Testing Someone Else

To exclude yourself, you need to add inductance to yourself. A coil of about 10 microhenrys, worn next to the skin, works well and is easily made. obtain insulated wire and wrap 24 turns around a ball point pen (or something about that size), closely spaced. Cut the ends and tape them down securely. Keep it in a plastic bag, even when in your pocket. A commercial inductance of 4.7 microhenrys, worn touching your skin also works well. It can be worn on a string necklace. (Remember to remove the necklace when testing yourself.) The inductance acts as an RF (radio frequency) choke, limiting the alternating current that can flow through you while testing another person.

Lesson Twenty

Method Use the same method as described in the last Lesson however for an ant or fly, start at 1,000 KHz and proceed upward in big steps like 10 KHz. Use the right test plate which is controlled by the ON-OFF switch. Always listen to the current with the switch OFF, first, then ON. Move the frequency up and repeat. Continue until you hear resonance. Stop immediately. Rest your skin and go back down to the nonresonant frequency region. Move up in smaller steps this time. Repeat and repeat until you feel sure you know just where the resonance begins. But where does it end

Lesson Seventeen

Materials filtered water, salt, glass cup measure, 13 new glass bottles that hold at least H cup, 14 new plastic teaspoons, Your skin tissue sample, paper towel. If you want to calculate how many salt molecules you can detect, select the concentration at the limit of your detection, and put 2 drops on a square inch of paper towel and rub into your skin. Assume one drop can be absorbed. If you can detect water from bottle 13, you have detected 510,000 molecules (10-15 fg ml divided by 58.5 gm M multiplied by 6.02x1023 molecules M divided by 20 drops ml). Water in bottle 12 would therefore have 10 times as many molecules in one drop, and so forth. Even if your error is as much as a factor of 2 (100 ), you can still get a good idea of what you can measure.

Skin disease

1 Dry skin is a consequence of diabetic neuropathy, which leads to a lack of sweating (refer to the earlier section Disorders of automatic (autonomic) nerves for more on sweating). Treatment is with skin lubricants. 1 Diabetic thick skin, which is thicker than normal skin, occurs in people who have had diabetes for more than ten years. No treatment exists for this condition.

Your Dermatologist

When he was a teenager, Robert never thought that dry skin would be a problem. But ever since he had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year, his skin was always dry and itchy. Even his feet cracked and peeled, and nothing seemed to help. His provider referred him to a dermatologist to find a solution to this common problem. When blood glucose levels are high, the body produces extra urine to rid itself of excess blood glucose. This results in dehydration, which causes dry skin. Having diabetes also increases your risk of developing skin infections, especially if your glucose levels are often above normal. For instance, staphylococcal skin infections can cause itchy spots on buttocks, knees, and elbows. Your best weapon against dry skin is to keep your glucose within your target ranges through diet, exercise, and medication. Keep your skin clean. If you have dry skin, use a superfatted soap such as Dove, Basis, Keri, or Oilatum. toes, under the breasts, and in armpits where...

Other Skin Healers

Mix H tsp. vitamin C powder in one pint water (crushed tablets will do). This is useful as an after shave lotion and general skin treatment. Apricot Kernel Oil. This is a very light oil, useful as an after shave lotion and general skin treatment. Dry skin has several causes too much water contact, too much soap contact (switch to borax), low body temperature, not enough fat in the diet, or parasites.

Injecting Insulin

Keeping your injection site clean will reduce the risk of developing an infection. But you don't have to use alcohol to clean your skin before injecting the needle. Soap and water works fine. If you use alcohol before injections, make sure the alcohol dries before you inject, or it could cause stinging. See the Appendix for more tips on injections. Insulin pens. An insulin pen looks like an ink pen. Instead of a writing tip, it has a disposable needle, and instead of an ink cartridge, there is an insulin cartridge. These pens are popular because they are convenient and accurate in dose. You don't have to worry about filling syringes or carrying them with you when you are away from home. There are two types of pens. You can buy a pre-filled pen that you throw away once the insulin cartridge is empty. Or you can buy a pen that uses disposable cartridges. A variety of insulins are available in pens and cartridges. You decide the number of units you want, set the injector for that dose,...

The Diabetic Foot

The main causes of foot ulceration are neuropathy, medium and small vessel peripheral vascular disease and abnormal foot biomechanics. These factors are frequently compounded by bacterial infection with organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes, often accompanied by anaerobes such as Bacteroides species. Neuropathy is thought to be the main factor in over one-half of ulcers with trauma occurring as a result of loss of pain sensation. Minimal trauma, such as a foreign body in the shoes, ill-fitting shoes or walking barefoot on a hot surface may lead to devastating effects (see Figures 108 and 109). Excessive pressure loading on the sole, especially over the metatarsal heads and heels, predisposes to the formation of callus which can break down and lead to ulceration. Indeed callus is an important predictor of ulceration. Such excess pressure is generated by motor-nerve damage altering the posture of the foot, limited joint mobility and local deformities...

For Laundry

It is the main ingredient of non-chlorine bleach and has excellent cleaning power without fading colors. Your regular laundry soap may contain PCBs, aluminum, cobalt and other chemicals. These get rubbed into your skin constantly as you wear your clothing. For bleaching (only do this occasionally) use original chlorine bleach (not new improved or with special brighteners , and so forth). Don't use chlorine if there is an ill person in the house. For getting out

Handling Emergencies

Your child may also have warm, dry skin with no sweating, or vomiting or stomach pain. Check her blood glucose and her urine for ketones. If your child has moderate to high levels of ketones, call your diabetes care provider right away. Talk to your provider or diabetes educator in advance to develop an action plan for when to call or go to the emergency room. In general, you should call immediately if

Using Insulin

Using a syringe is just one way to take insulin. Advanced delivery systems such as the insulin pump may work better for some people. Some people use an insulin pen, while others use high pressure jet injectors to pass insulin through the skin. Whatever you choose, the basic purpose is the same to deliver insulin into the fat that lies just under your skin.

How To Have Beutiful Non Aging Skin

How To Have Beutiful Non Aging Skin

Age does a lot of things to us and most of them arent good. Sure, we may get wiser, and more knowledgeable as a result of our experiences over time, but time also takes a hefty toll on our health, and appearance.

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