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Genital Sexual Arousal Disorders Among Women with Diabetes

Data from epidemiological studies support the finding that sexual arousal disorder is the most commonly reported sexual problem among diabetic women (9, 19, 23, 25, 26). In physiological terms, genital sexual excitement is characterized by pelvic vasocongestion and swelling of the external genitalia, including clitoral and vaginal engorgement (106-109). Clitoral engorgement is a highly complex phenomenon, mainly characterized by hemodynamic modifications consequent to local smooth muscle relaxation. At least in an animal model, diabetes mellitus produces significant adverse effects on the hemodynamic mechanism of clitoral engorgement and leads to diffuse clitoral cavernous fibrosis (50). Indeed, diabetes is associated with atherosclerosis and microangiopathy, leading to an impairment of the clitoral hemodynamics. This might imply that decreased sexual arousal in diabetic women may result from hemodynamic-driven structural changes in the clitoris. Although controversial, vaginal...

Hormonal Replacement Therapy Womens Sexual Health and Diabetes

Studies of estrogen deficiency in women within the general population have highlighted a prevalence rate of 32-41 for dyspareunia (23). Data on specific populations, such as in women with diabetes mellitus, are scant. However, findings seem to support the idea that diabetes may predispose women to dyspareunia from low estrogen. Dyspareunia due to vaginal dryness appears to be most responsive to estrogen replacement therapy via restoration of vaginal cells, pH and blood flow (132, 133). Progestins can oppose these changes and lead to a recurrence of dryness and dyspareunia depending on their biochemical properties (134, 135). However, even though estrogen therapy and estrogen progestin therapy may be effective treatments for vaginal atrophy and increasing vaginal lubrication, they have not been shown to consistently increase sexual desire or activity, and many women with SD remain unresponsive (133, 136). There is a significant subgroup of women whose sexual difficulties respond...

Andrea Salonia Roberto Lanzi Emanuele Bosi Patrizio Rigatti and Francesco Montorsi

Women's sexual dysfunction (SD) is defined as a disorder of sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, and or sexual pain, which results in significant personal distress and may have a negative effect on a woman's health and quality of life. Although previously published data suggest that sexual complaints are highly prevalent among women with diabetes mellitus (DM), the scientific community has scarcely investigated the potential correlation between diabetes mellitus and women's SD. In case-control studies, SD was reported at a significantly greater rate in women with DM type 1 (DM1) than among controls - arousal difficulties being most common. Interestingly, sexual complaints were not isolated in occurrence, because women with DM often reported at least two sexual problems. Sexual disorders are also highly prevalent in women with DM type 2 (DM2), with low sexual desire being most commonly reported. Few treatment options and no specific compounds have been investigated to address the various...

Where Do We Go New Antidiabetic Plants

A number of important points emerge from this volume. It is apparent that diversity as well as similarity can be found in the use of plants across the world. Understandably, each region of the world has developed a materia medica of antidiabetic remedies based on the local flora. However, the use of certain plants such as Momordica charantia L. (bitter melon) and Trigonella foenum-graecum L. (fenugreek) appears in more than one region. Climatic factors and cross-cultural communication play a role here. Generally, the use of a particular plant in a number of regions is strong evidence for its effectiveness. Diversity is also seen in the range of plant families and types of phytochemicals associated with antidiabetic activity. At the same time, certain groups, such as alkaloids, saponins, xanthones and flavonoids, and nonstarch polysaccharides appear to have effects of particular significance in diabetes treatment. The extent to which various antidiabetic plants have been studied...

Sexual Disorders Among Women with Type Diabetes Mellitus

The study by Doruk et al. (38) showed a SD prevalence of 42 within the DM2 women. Low sexual desire was reported in 82 of the DM2 women, whereas 68 complained of low arousal, 38 of reduced lubrication, 38 of orgasm difficulties, 46 of coital pain, and 50 of sexual dissatisfaction. Troubles in sexual arousal, lubrication, and orgasmic function were significantly more prevalent among DM2 subjects than among the healthy controls (23, 38). Erol et al. (40) assessed the SF profile in 72 premenopausal DM2 women (mean age 38.8 years range 25-47) with no other systemic disease as compared with 60 age-matched healthy women. The FSFI was used to assess the prevalence of sexual disorders throughout the analysis. Overall, DM2 patients had a significantly lower FSFI total score than controls (29.3 6.4 vs. 37.7 3.5 p 0.05). Low sexual desire was the most frequently reported SD, being observed in 77 of the DM2 patients. Reduced lubrication (defined as vaginal dryness) was observed in 37.5 , whereas...

Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes and Its Treatment

The sexual anamnesis will cover aspects like the presence or absence of sexual desire, the presence of spontaneous erections on awakening and or in response to visual stimuli and or erotic thoughts and or physical stimulation by a partner, as well as the quality and frequency of sexual intercourse, the presence of any significant changes in recent months and the description of the sexual intercourse itself.

Menopausal Status and the Androgen Milieu

The role of endogenous androgens in women's SF among the general population is still controversial (23, 64-66). Androgens play a key role in determining sexual desire and satisfaction, as well as in conditioning mood, energy and psychological well-being (64, 67). Androgens are necessary for the development of female reproductive function and hormonal homeostasis, and they are the immediate precursors of estrogens. In pre- and postmenopausal women, a low serum-free testosterone level has been proposed as a diagnostic marker of the female androgen insufficiency syndrome, which is characterized by reduced libido, diminished well-being and depressed mood (64, 66-68). There is increasing awareness of the impact of low androgen levels on the emotional, social, psychological and sexual well-being of women. Several studies have shown that testosterone substitution therapy in women may improve sexual desire, orgasm and satisfaction after either physiological (65, 66, 69, 70) or surgical...

Diabetes And Female Sexual Dysfunction

Women with diabetes are at increased risk for sexual arousal disorder that is, inadequate vaginal and clitoral swelling in response to sexual arousal. A small research study showed that in women with type 1 diabetes, sildenafil improved arousal, orgasm, and sexual enjoyment. A woman with diabetes should discuss problems of sexual arousal with her physician.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Problems affecting sexuality in diabetic women are fatigue, changes in perimenstrual blood glucose control, vaginitis, decreased sexual desire, decreased vaginal lubrication, and an increased time to reach orgasm. Even minor episodes of depression which is twice more frequent than in men can result in a loss of libido. To which degree these symptoms are related to autonomic neuropathy has also been examined in a few studies, the results of which are at variance (155). The examination for a diabetic woman with sexual dysfunction should include the duration of symptoms, psychological state, concomitant, medications, presence of vaginitis, cystitis, and other infections, frequency of intercourse, blood pressure, BMI, retinal status, pelvic examination, presence of discharge, and glycemic control (156).

Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetes

Especially in older patients, may well be appropriate. Few investigations are needed. Measuring serum testosterone might be helpful if sex drive is reduced. Other endocrine testing should only be undertaken in the rare situation when a clinical suspicion of hypogo-nadism exists. A detailed history should be taken to define the precise problem with sexual function.

Duration of Diabetes Diabetes Related Complications and Diabetes Control

Duration of diabetes is usually associated with a greater rate of diabetic complications. Neuropathy, vascular impairment and psychological complaints have been shown to be implicated in the pathogen-esis of decreased libido, low arousability, decreased vaginal lubrication, orgasmic dysfunction, and dyspareunia, but discrepancies exist among reports (25, 44, 45). In Enzlin et al.'s case-control survey (19, 26), the rate of women with diabetic complications (33 ) - such as peripheral neuropathy, auto-nomic neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy - who reported sexual problems was not significantly higher than the rate of their counterparts without complications (22 c2 1.3, df 1, p 0.34). An overall comparison of the percentages of women reporting a specific SD showed that only decreased lubrication was more prevalent among women with diabetes complications (c2 6.5, df 2, p 0.04). A specific subanalysis revealed that the latter finding was due to the significant difference between the...

Psychological Factors

Therapy of diabetes-associated SD in women must include consideration of the psychometric profile, including mood deflection and major depression, interpersonal issues and the psychological aspects of living with diabetes, since all these factors are correlates of woman's sexual health (19, 23, 25, 26, 37, 38, 85, 101, 102). The two major studies by Enzlin et al. (19, 26) showed that women with DM1 either with or without SD reported more depressive symptoms than men with and without SD, respectively. Moreover, women with SD suffered from a greater amount of depressive complaints than those without SD. Enzlin et al. (25) reported a significantly higher incidence of depressive symptoms in women with DM1 who had sexual problems than in women without SD. Based on the clinically defined cut-off score for depression of the BDI ( 16), four times more women with SD had scores suggestive of clinical depression than those without SD (37.7 vs. 8.3 , respectively p 0.001) (19). A significant...

Testosterone Substitution Therapy

Sexual desire, orgasm and satisfaction among postmenopausal women (65, 66, 69-74, 144), the Endocrine Society has recommended against both diagnosing androgen deficiency in women and against general use of testosterone by women, because of the paucity of data for long-term safety and effectiveness (65).

Curing Symptoms

Herbs, too, can cure symptoms rather quickly. Elderberry tea mixed with peppermint is cited in herbal textbooks and it could probably do a lot if it weren't for the mold immuno-suppression. If you plan on trying these start with a set of thyme, fenugreek, sage (for throat). Since both herbs and homeopathic remedies work on the principle of ejection, they could eject each other. Maybe the last one to arrive takes over. This is an exciting field for you to explore.

And Epidemiology

Based on the previous classification criteria and recent reconsideration of the American Foundation of Urologic Disease, an International Definitions Committee of 13 experts from seven countries proposed new definitions that were presented in July 2003 at the Second International Consultation on Sexual Medicine in Paris (7-9). Sexual dysfunctions were thus subdivided into (1) sexual desire interest disorder, (2) subjective sexual arousal disorder, (3) genital sexual arousal disorder, (4) combined sexual arousal disorder (with a marked or absent subjective sexual arousal feelings of excitement and pleasure combined with either reduced or impaired genital sexual arousal vulvar swelling, lubrication ), (5) persistent sexual arousal disorder syndrome, (6) orgasmic disorder, (7) vaginismus, and (8) dyspareunia (7-11). The rationale for this classification system is that it considers a woman's SF as a Objective prevalence of these categories in the general population is poorly known (9)....

Weight Reduction

Although some reports indicate that these drugs may cause weight gain, other studies show weight loss. This can be seen especially with those patients who tend to eat when depressed. Sexual dysfunction and decreased libido remain the major problems with this class.


Don't start with cans or packages or frozen items to make some recipe. In fact, don't bother with any fancy recipes. Just cook two or three vegetables for lunch and eat them with butter and salt or homemade sauces. Bread and milk rounds it out, plus fruit (not canned or frozen). Soup is a nice change. Cook it with all the vegetables you can find. Don't start with a can or packet or cube. Use a bit of onion and genuine herbs to give it zest. Thyme and fenugreek, together, make a flavorful combination you can purchase in capsules. Just pull apart and season.

With Type Diabetes

In women with diabetes, SF may vary according to the phase of the menstrual cycle. Our recent study investigated SF in reproductive-aged DM1 women, compared these results with those of age-matched normally cycling healthy fertile women with an objectively assessed normal SF, compared the endocrine profile of both groups, and analysed the correlation between endocrine milieu and SF according to the phase of the menstrual cycle (85). The findings suggested that DM1 may affect several aspects of women's SF. In addition, the results emphasized that both psychosexual and endocrine parameters must be assessed according to the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Indeed, when comparing the FSFI scores recorded independently of the phases of the menstrual cycle, a significant impairment of the overall SF as well as lower values on the desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm and pain domains were found in the DM1 group compared to the control group. In contrast, a menstrual phase-related...

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