The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The Big Diabetes Lie

ICTM is created and operated by Max Sidorov. The ICTM is a combination of a group of doctors who are professionals and venture in in-depth scientific research to finding treatment methods for diseases which were thought to be non-curable.


International Council for truth in medicine abbreviation is ICTM. It consists of a group of professional doctors who work tirelessly in conducting scientific researches to find the newest treatment methods for diseases which were thought to have no cure.

 The treatment they recommend is in a simple language which is understandable by every reader. The recommended treatment is proven to be safer and to cost less as compared to the prescription given by most doctors. ICTM works well in helping you lead a very healthy lifestyle as it has a health guide which contains all you need to know about healthy living.


ICTM uses the treatment methods that are scientifically tested and proven to be safe for human consumption and to treat type 2 diabetes permanently. ICTM uses a simple guide which is easy to read, understand and apply to guarantee you a healthy lifestyle free from taking drugs and wasting money on drugs. The creator of this program has a certificate of guarantee to all users on the 60-day total money refund.

The total money refund means that any user who feels not satisfied with the program can ask for a refund within 60-days after purchase. The full money refund also implies that this is a zero-risk program worth trying and get the best result. The statistics revealed that last year only, the helped over 17,542 people with type 2 diabetes overcome this disease and this year they have a target to treat over 30,000 type 2 diabetics.


  • The ICTM treatment methods will help you treat the disease and not treat the symptoms
  • This method will help you do away with drugs which in most cases when taken for a long time causes a heart attack
  • This treatment method will help you save on cost as it is cost effective
  • The guide contained in this program will help you lead a healthy lifestyle and be your health boss
  • The guide will help you discover things your doctors will never tell you


  • Type 2 diabetes has cure
  • Taking diabetes insulin for a long time is very dangerous
  • Losing weight will not cure your diabetes


This program works by using the seven easy steps fully explained in a simple language which is easy to understand and apply. All the techniques are tested and proven to be safe for human consumption and also the methods are cost friendly.

What to learn from the seven steps to a healthy lifestyle

  • You will Know about the simple food and lifestyle changes that will help you destroy the type 2 diabetes completely
  • How to lower your cholesterol levels safely without having to use prescription drugs
  • Helps in learning the types of food to take to lower risks of dying from cancer by about 67%
  • Helps in easy identification of the types of food that worsen the diabetes disease
  • Reasons why most people are always hungry and find out ways of reducing food cravings
  • The type of food to eat daily and avoid gaining weight and enhance healthy living
  • Helps in learning natural methods of lowering your blood pressure
  • Helps in learning about the toxic food additives linked to stimulation of the nervous system
  • Helps in learning which vitamins you need to take to stay healthy and avoid diseases


The international council for truth in medicine book comes in two formats. One the hardcopy format and the other one comes in softcopy format. ICTM is offering the hard copy format of the seven steps to better health at a discount, and the shipping cost is free.

On the other hand, the soft copy of the book comes as an E-book which can easily be accessed online at a discount. The program is a life-changing deal so hurry up while the discount still lasts as changes can happen anytime.


The ICTM is accessible to everyone regardless of whether they are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or not. The book is beneficial to patients diagnosed with type two diabetes as it contains steps to follow and apply to treat type 2 diabetes permanently, and also it includes a guide which can help everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle by providing a guide on what food to take and what to avoid every day.

The Big Diabetes Lie
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