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Many people swear by honey as a way to reduce pollen allergies. It is very likely that honey produced in your region contains small amounts of pollen that serve as a "neutralizing dose," blocking larger amounts of pollen from triggering immune reactions.

Many foods seem to exacerbate allergic reactions to pollens, and it is probably worthwhile testing such foods by avoiding them for a week or so. Wheat, other grains, and dairy products, because of their own aller-genic potential, often can aggravate pollen allergies.

Considerable research indicates that a disruption of the normal bacteria inhabiting the gastrointestinal tract can increase the likelihood of allergic sen-sitization during infancy. Taking antibiotic treatments for ear infections is a common method of destroying normal gut bacteria. Taking probiotic (good bacteria) supplements can reduce the damage when antibiotics must be taken.

Allergic To Everything

Allergic To Everything

The human body And Todays chemical infested world. Here is a news flash You are not allergic to pollen, pet dander, or whatever it is that makes your body revolt Rather, your body just can not handle that one thing, what ever it is, anymore, due to the massive barrage of toxic chemicals you and everyone else are ingesting every single day.

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