Table 2 Management and Problem-Solving Skills

Management skills (information required to make decisions to achieve management goals)

• Food sources of carbohydrate, protein, fat

• How to use nutrition facts on food labels

• Meal planning and insulin adjustments for illness delay or change in meal times drinking alcoholic beverages eating sugar-containing foods exercise travel competitive athletics holidays

• Treatment and prevention of hypoglycemia

• Nutritional management during short-term illness

• How to use blood glucose monitoring for problem solving

• Behavior change strategies

• Working rotating shifts, if needed

Improvement of lifestyle (problem-solving skills)

• Eating away from home

• Brown bag lunches

• Special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.)

• Grocery shopping

• Recipe modifications, menu ideas, cookbooks

• Vegetarian food choices

• Use of convenience food

• Canning and freezing

• How to fit foods with fat replacers and sugar substitutes into the meal plan Source: Ref. 19. (Reprinted with permission from the American Association of Diabetes Educators.)

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