Tissue Doppler Imaging

While the conventional Doppler evaluates the relatively higher blood flow velocity, low-amplitude profile, tissue Doppler imaging permits the selective evaluation of the low-velocity high-amplitude displacement of the LV myocardium movements at the mitral annulus. The mitral annulus velocity profile during dias- -o tole reflects the rate of changes in the longitudinal dimension and in LV volume and can be obtained by sampling at the septum or the LV lateral wall as visualized £

from an apical four-chamber view. Normally the early diastolic annular velocity g

(E' or Em) is greater than the late diastolic annular velocity (A' or Am). But, <j when LV diastolic function is impaired, the E' is equal to or smaller than the A', M

regardless of the stage of the diastolic functional impairment (22,23). Thus, in J

0 0

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