What is the fate of undigested carbohydrates and what undesirable effects can be produced by their presence in the lower gastrointestinal tract

Undigested carbohydrates are removed with the stool. However, in the large intestine, the normal intestinal flora causes fermentation of the redundant carbohydrates and local excessive production of the products of this fermentation (lactic acid, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.). As a consequence, those substances that are not absorbed cause flatulence, abdominal aches, diarrhoea or excessive production of gases. To some degree these complaints can be avoided with progressive increase of the dose and they generally subside completely after the first weeks or months. However, if a large quantity of sugar is consumed and the recommended diet it is not followed, the diarrhoea can be intense.

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    What carbohydrates is undigested?
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    What are undigested carbs?
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    What is the fate of undigested carbohydrates?
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