What is the effect of hypertension in diabetic patients

Both hypertension and DM constitute extremely important risk factors for the development of cardiovascular events (coronary artery disease, strokes, peripheral obstructive arteriopathy). However, the coexistence of these two abnormalities has a multiplicative effect on the risk, rather than a simple additive effect. The effects of hypertension on the risk of coronary heart disease mortality in diabetic individuals are increased two to five times, compared to non-diabetics. The frequency of strokes, the appearance of cardiac failure and the probability of peripheral obstructive arteriopathy are also significantly increased in hypertensive diabetic individuals.

Furthermore, the probability of microvascular diabetic complications, mainly nephropathy and retinopathy, are considerably increased by the presence of hypertension. This has also been proven by the beneficial effects that the treatment of hypertension has on the reduction of microvascular complications progress in Type 2 diabetics, as shown in the UKPDS (1998) study.

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