How often should Type diabetics measure their blood glucose levels with a portable meter

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Patients with Type 2 DM do not have the high variability of blood glucose values that Type 1 patients have. Consequently, as already mentioned, much fewer measurements are needed to evaluate blood sugar control. When SMBG is recommended by the treating physician, the precise frequency and timing of the measurements is individualized, depending on the type of therapy, drug doses, achievement or not of glycaemic targets and training of the patients. In those using insulin, SMBG should be daily. In the not so frequent case that the patient uses an intensive insulin regimen, measurements should follow the same pattern as in Type 1 DM. Regardless of the frequency of measurements, determination of some post-prandial values (two hours after a meal) is considered essential, especially in cases where fasting blood sugar values are not compatible with HbAlc values.

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