Dupuytren syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome

People with DM manifest carpal tunnel syndrome as well as Dupuytren syndrome more often (contracture of the palmar fascia, Figure 20.2). This contracture is indeed present in up to 63 percent of diabetics. The third and fourth fingers are involved more frequently (the small finger is not involved as in classic types of the disease). Furthermore, there are often sclerotic nodules on the heels and on the dorsal surfaces of the central interphalangeal joints (Garrod's nodules).

Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy
Figure 20.1. Cheiroarthropathy . (Reprinted from Textbook of Diabetes, 3rd edn., J. Pickup & G. Williams, Copyright 2003, with permission from Blackwell Science Ltd.)
Figure 20.2. Dupuytren contracture.
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