Are there conditions for the application of basalbolus insulin regimens

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Provided there is an indication for their administration, the basic condition is the acceptance of the regimen by the patient, after of course his or her thorough and objective briefing with regard to the necessity, functionality and precise way of application. The details of the treatment should be analysed and it should be emphasized that, together with the multiple injections, it is absolutely essential that the patient regularly monitors (at least four times a day) the glucose levels in the capillary blood. Acceptance by the patient assumes that a powerful incentive exists to achieve the best blood sugar control. This motivation is based on correct briefing and on factors such as age, maturity, educational level and psychological situation of the individual. Often, more than one meeting with the doctor is required before the individual with Type 1 DM is convinced that the intensive regimen constitutes the best choice for managing the disease.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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